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Mayas Mission Org is dedicated to helping all animals in need. Maya was such a inspiration to many and through her love has served as a conduit to create what is now known as Mayas Mission- Be the Voice. Our Mission is to provide aid, resources, care, monetary donations, connections and support to help both animals in need and those who love them. We are a credited non profit and ALL donations and sales go back into Mayas Mission to be distributed to those who need help. We Rescue the Rescuers!

ENTER the FIRST Annual Mayas Mission Pet Photo Contest!

Do you have the Cutest Pet? Let's see! Grab your camera and snap a photo of your pet for a chance to WIN the FIRST Annual Mayas Mission Pet Photo Contest!

The rules are simple.....

1. Follow Mayas Mission Org on Instagram

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 Email your photo to

Photo submissions will be due and uploaded by November 30 and online voting will begin December 1, 2023! 


INTRODUCING..... Reuse/ Recycle for Animals and Our Planet!

We are so excited to introduce our new line of merchandise that is both good for Animals and our Planet! Mayas Mission is introducing new and gently used items for purchase that have been redesigned and repurposed. In an effort to save animals we must also be aware of the impact we have on the enviroment. It's a win/win! Visit our shop and check out some fun new items! As always, 100% of the proceeds go to the Animals!

No upcoming events at the moment

Feedback from the Community

"The animals are the reason we do it. Just when we’re about to quit, we get compliments like this from the animal rescue community and hear stories of animals lives changed forever by a day full of so many animal lovers, and it makes it so worth every minute. We wish we had more organizations like yours! We’re glad to have you as a part of the event and we look forward to seeing you again! Thank you for everything YOU do, Kara! " - St Louis Veg Fest

"Thank you to Maya’s Mission for their generous donation to a Rolla citizen who has been struggling with several things over the last few months. This person has an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) that remains his lifeline and gives him a reason to keep going. The donation of dog food, treats, and a toy was such a blessing for this person and has taken a huge worry off his shoulders as he is now able to provide for his ESA that gives him so much love and support. Maya’s Mission was one of many that were contacted for help with this person and their ESA but Maya’s Mission is the only one who responded and offered to help. We were able to provide food for this fur baby in just a couple of days! What an amazing blessing to have in our community!! Thank you, Maya’s Mission, for all you do!" - Anonymous for privacy

Recent Donations

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Family Outreach

We work with everyone- even individual famlies. We were messaged to help aid a local family with 4 beautiful dogs. Through a scheduled meet up we we were able to provide a 50lb bag of dog food and multiple bags of treats. If you or someone you know would like individual assistance, just shoot us a message


 I want to thank you mayas mission for all the help that you have given us during the hard times that my husband and I are going though. You guys are Amazing people to help others in need for animal And resources. I would recommend you to my friends.

Would recommend: Yes" -Jennifer

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Helped Fund Surgery for Harly with donations made!

"Harly is an 7 year old chihuahua mix, he is my everything and he been thou alot. In Dec of 2021 he got an eye infection, I did my best to afford antibiotics but it was to late, over the next 6 months his eye got worst, became swollen and painful. I made the decision that the eye needed to be removed. Being low income I had to seek help from others so I can give him a better life. I started a gofundme, then I meet one the volunteers at a local event and found out about Mayas Mission Org. I contacted them and they where able to help me.  They made a donation to my gofundme and between them and a few others I was able to afford his surgery. He is so much happier now. I love this dog, I am so blessed to find help to his him."
- Charlie



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Inside Mayas Mission Org

Mayas Mission was created because we care about animals. Our goal is to work as a liaison between various animal rescues, organizations, shelters, foster systems and the general public to find homes and provide aid in times of need. We have been inspired by so many organizations who have paved the way and we want to continue to provide a resource to change the World for animals.

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